Curating large scale workshops for a diverse range of participants. 

Buzz Magazine managed and curated a public DIY space as apart of the Diffusion Festival

(1st-31st May 2017). This hub was host to variety of free workshops focusing on Self-publishing, DIY, Zines, Photography, Graffiti, Music, Video & Film & illustration. Alongside the workshops the space was host to a variety of art talks and networking events with a total of 235 individuals in attendance. 


This ran parallel to the buzz 25 exhibition, which was a retrospective look at the history and content of buzz over the last 25 years highlighting the process in creating a self-funding independent publication before the introduction of the internet and the transition into the digital & social media age. 

'Buzz and Ffotogallery have worked together successfully for many years. The implementation of the Buzz DIY workshops as part of Diffusion Festival were incredibly successful and added a new dimension, bringing a hands on experience to participants in an engaging and fun way.'